Inaugural Post

The first blog post always seems the hardest.  You have all this blank space to fill and you don’t know where to begin.  I’m certain that this blog will change over time, as I move through projects and my constantly shifting focus drifts from point to point like a dog wandering through a park.

My first goal will be to inform interested people of the things going on in my life, mostly regarding my writing projects and happenings.  My second goal will be to pass along any unique information I happen to come across.  Third will be to provide a glimpse into the imperfect machinery of my brain as I struggle through writing projects, and the techniques I employ to keep me from throwing my word processor into a busy street.  Like any piece of writing, things will creep out of the ether while I’m not looking and set themselves down in writing, revealing insight I didn’t even know I was capable of.

At least I hope so.  That’s where the best stuff comes from.

Published by ericwarren

Writer, photographer and filmmaker telling stories about the mountain west, esp. Montana, northern Wyoming and the greater Yellowstone Region.

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