Talk by neuro-scientist on how we read people’s brains

Ever wonder what makes people tick?  Sure, most of us do.  As a writer, I feel it’s my job to distill the things I observe in others into words on the page.  This link to a short video clip reveals how our brains read other brains and make moral judgments.  A must-see for writers trying to capture the essence of “why characters do what they do” on more than a purely intuitive level.  The clip also addresses, to a lesser degree, the “hard problem of consciousness.”

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Writer, photographer and filmmaker telling stories about the mountain west, esp. Montana, northern Wyoming and the greater Yellowstone Region.

One thought on “Talk by neuro-scientist on how we read people’s brains

  1. Thanks, Eric, for including us on your blog invite. I read and enjoyed all of them including the interesting piece by the neuroscientist and especially the great book episode! Also loved the recounting of the night time beer and biking adventure. Looking forward to more! Keep up your good work. Jo

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