Project Tandem

I had a couple of friends visit me yesterday at the bike shop.  I hadn’t seen Alan Winslow or Morrigan McCarthy since they left on their year-long bicycle tour to document, through photography and audio, rural Americans’ often overlooked efforts at sustainability, and the environment.  Doing the 11,000 mile trip by bicycle broke down the social barriers people often have talking to strangers.  Their subjects open up in a way that most journalists only dream of.  I haven’t heard/seen most of their footage, yet, but I’m expecting it will add much texture to the public discourse on Americans’ views on the environment.

Check out their work at:

These guys are the real deal: artists and adventurers.

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Writer, photographer and filmmaker telling stories about the mountain west, esp. Montana, northern Wyoming and the greater Yellowstone Region.

One thought on “Project Tandem

  1. I am amazed and inspired by this couple! How awesome that they combined a person goal–biking across the country–with a social study and environmental drive.

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