About Eric

After a few years working as a photographer, barista, bicycle mechanic, and various other things, Eric David Warren enrolled in the creative writing program at the University of Montana. In standard fashion, he bucked the program’s expectations by turning in science fiction and fantasy stories while the other students were exploring fiction that was considered more literary. Despite the challenges of workshopping pop-fiction stories in a high-fiction program, he learned a tremendous amount about writing from those literary fiction students and instructors.

After a few years of learning craft and publishing short stories, Eric took a turn down a different literary path—one focused on travel and adventure. He began publishing travel articles, incorporating his earlier degree in photography and then expanding into travel filmmaking. Eventually, his travel documentaries became documentaries about education, the arts, and the environment leading to a People’s Choice award at Magic City Shorts Film Festival for Saving the Stockman and screenings for his other films at festivals around the world.

While he racked up some successes, he needed to get back to his first love, building worlds out of words and imagination. This time, he turned toward writing mysteries and thrillers.

Eric uses his experience with film and photography to create vibrant, cinematic scenes that jump off the page and feel as real as walking out your front door. His unique characters are clearly in the drivers’ seats, piloting stories through the twists and turns of both good and questionable decisions. Good doesn’t always triumph in the end in Eric’s stories, but something is always revealed that reminds us of the dark desires that drive people to commit crimes and the battles both small and large to bring truth to light.

Eric Warren currently lives in his hometown of Billings, Montana, and is working on a novel series set in 1990s Billings.


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