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September 2001 bike magazine

The End of Bike

A few months ago, I received a plain, white postcard in the mail informing me that “as of October 1, 2020, Bike Magazine had ceased publication.” The card went on to tell me that they were “pleased” to inform me that the remainder of my subscription would be filled with Men’s Journal. Not Powder or any of the other adventure sports rags that American Media LLC owns. Men’s Journal.

Billings Montana

Writing About my Hometown

About a decade ago, I moved from Maine to Montana. Not one of those famous towns like Bozeman and Missoula which have been featured in big-budget movies or the glossy pages of adventure magazines. No, I moved back to my industrial hometown of Billings.


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About Me

Eric David Warren is a writer of thrillers, speculative fiction, and travel/adventure stories. His current project is a mystery series following crime reporter Daniel Hatch as he chases down leads on Montana’s criminal element and learns that sometimes there are life and death consequences for digging too deep into a story.

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