Travel and adventure photography.

I strive to tell a story with every image. Sometimes the story is the simple act of hiking through a pristine wilderness. Sometimes its a complex tale of a place or an accomplishment gotten through hard work and luck. Often, it’s just the look in someone’s eyes as they search for their line.




fishing boat at sunrise near the palafitos, castro, chile


4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Hi Eric,

    I recently viewed a the “winter scenes” work that I believe that you did for….Impressive!!!.

    What type of camera and lens combinations did you use for those Nordic skiing sequences.

    Also, did you slow the movement down in post?

    Bill Farrell, Grantham, NH

    1. Evidently, I’ve been a whole lot behind on this blog. My apologies!
      It may not be important now, but I used a Canon Vixia HF200 (though I’ve move to the Canon 60D), and some of the shots had a Canon wide-angle converter. I didn’t slow the skiing sequences down, I’m just a really slow skier…

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