Current Projects

I’m in the middle of a number of great projects at all times. I’ll try to keep this page updated with whatever I happen to be working on at the moment. Like everything in film, everything here is a collaboration which I am only a part of, minus the screenwriting.

Mixing Oil and Water PosterMixing Oil and Water – Short Documentary

My role: Filmed and edited

“Will we sacrifice clean water for oil?” This short film explores water quality in the oil rich fracking zones of Montana through the eyes of the people living on the front lines. This film was produced for Northern Plains Resource Council, and premiered at the 2014 Magic City Shorts Film Festival and is an official selection of the 2015 Wild and Scenic Film Festival, as well as the festival’s national tour.

Saving the Stockman Poster v2Saving the Stockman – Short documentary

My role: filmed and edited

Situated in Montana’s rugged prairie is the town of Rapelje, population 60. The town is home to a grain elevator, post office, and the Stockman Cafe. The Stockman is town’s hub of activity, and the only place in twenty miles to get a bite to eat. With so few residents, however, the town struggles to keep its cafe open. Rapelje is also home to one of the biggest mountain bike races in the region, a 24-hour event started by a group of farmers and ranchers–many whom had never ridden a bicycle in their lives–simply to keep the cafe from closing. This is a story about a town on the brink, and its citizens’ extraordinary efforts to save it.

This film is currently being reviewed by film festivals.

Hobbes and Phil vs. Zombies – feature film directed by Trevor StylesHobbes and Phil

My role: producer, audio, SFX, still photography, etc.

Description: Our story takes place about 15 years after the ZOMBIE apocalypse. After 15 years the zombies are very docile and barely a threat, really more of a nuisance. The “heroes”, Hobbes and Phil are pretty much just into surviving on chips and beer and all about fun. Kato (Hobbes’ younger brother) has an outlook to make the world a better place and gets annoyed by the lack of care shown by his brother and Phil. We also follow a group of mercenaries that have kidnapped a young lady, Kamber, who may hold the key to restoring a world gone by. If you like zombies, blood, bullets and boobs (the rule of the three B’s of a RazorsEdge Film)…you undoubtedly will want to put this on your like list and track the progress and be one of the first to know when the movie will be released.
This is a local Montana made movie, SUPER ULTRA low budget, Film. Brought to you by the same film maker of WAY DARKER THAN YOU THINK, and NO SERVICE. Produced by RAZORSEDGE FILMS. Written and Directed by Trevor Styles. Producers: Jamie Candelaria, Chris Candelaria, Dan Proffitt, Gary Busby, Trevor Styles & Brikotah Styles.



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