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My work has appeared in online news sites, newspapers, nonprofit organization blogs, travel magazines, literary magazines, and science fiction and fantasy magazines. While most of my fiction was published in paper journals and is now lost to the ages, some of my non-fiction and travel stories are online. Here are links to a few of those stories.

Notes From the Apocalypse: a Journey Through an American Sacrifice Zone [FeverDream Magazine] Hitting the road through North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Patch, I explore the impacts of the oil industry on communities that have very little say in what’s being done to their air landscape.

Treaty People Gathering boosts pressure on disputed oil pipeline [Esperanza Project] This article was co-written and photographed by Angel Amaya, Talli Nauman, and Jess Plance as we covered the Treaty People Gathering of water protectors and the start of a summer of protests against Enbridge’s dangerous Line 3 pipeline project.

Fracking cover-up continues groundwater contamination disaster in Pavillion, Wyoming – First published in Living with Oil and Gas and later on the Western Organization of Resource Council’s website, the article features hydrogeologist Sue Spencer discussing how Wyoming’s attempts to cover up water contamination from fracking hid a more immediate threat of water contamination from standard gas wells.

published science fiction and fantasy

Stone Cold, Tales of the Talisman Urban fantasy short story. From the issue’s promo copy: “Eric Warren tells us what to do if you should happen to find the philosopher’s stone in your girlfriend’s underwear drawer.” The issue is available for purchase from the publisher.

Riding Yellowstone’s Big, Silent Landscapes While it’s Still Closed to Cars [Singletrack Nomad] A cycling adventure exploring Yellowstone National Park during its car-free week.

Refuge – First published at Bikes are FreeDumb and reprinted at Singletrack Nomad chronicles a yearly ride that’s more about self-discovery than actual fun.

7 incredible experiences in Montana’s Yellowstone Country [Matador Network] There are countless winter activities awaiting the adventurer in the greater Yellowstone region. Here are seven.

Farewell, Mountain: A Riding Retrospective on Monture Trail, Montana [Mountain Bike Tales and reprinted at Singletrack Nomad] The story has roots in a ride I took with friends Aaron Teasdale and Rod Kramer a few years back on one of the trails most in danger of closure in the United States. With the current situation of Montana (and the greater US) trails getting more perilous, I wove it together with the recent Federal Court ruling closing trails in a WSA near Bozeman that continues to threaten access everywhere. The story is an adventure of hope.

On the Other Side of the World Someone Awaits [Matador Network] This was one of my first travel stories. It was also one of the first experiences that opened me up to the magic of travel. I mean, what do you do when a beautiful stranger gets on a bus with you as you’re backpacking around Chile?

20 Best Micro-Breweries in America [Matador Network] I didn’t pick the title for this story, and beer is so subjective that I never even tried to find the best. I used a matrix of award-winning beers, breweries in amazing places, and even tried to find beers in all regions of the country. At the time it was written, that was a challenge in the south. Not anymore.

This article made #1 on Google and got me a gig producing a TV sizzle reel.

Wyoming’s Gorgeous Star Valley Is a Lesser-Visited Outdoor Wonderland [Matador Network] Short guide to Wyoming’s Star Valley, an almost undiscovered outdoor playground that still offers an authentic Wyoming experience.

Saving the Stockman – Short, award-winning documentary about a small town that goes to extraordinary lengths to save its cafe.


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