Eric David Warren

Eric uses his experience with film and photography to create vibrant, cinematic scenes that lead you to unexpected places. 


Eric Warren is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker telling stories about the mountain West. His writing and photography have appeared in publications like Matador Network, Homegrown Stories, Mountain Bike Tales, and Tales of the Talisman. His award-winning films have screened at dozens of film festivals on three continents. He’s obsessed with bikes as both fun and utility, travel, and human impact on the West and the rest of the world. 

Eric David Warren


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Published stories

Check out some of Eric’s published work from news sites featuring Water Protector protests to travel stories chronicling South American adventures to science fiction and fantasy.

Updates from the blog

Covering the Water Protectors standing up against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline

On June 7th, 2021, hundreds of Water Protectors gathered at the headwaters of the Mississippi River and marched to a bridge near where Enbridge Energy planned to drill under the river to route their one-million-barrel-a-day Line 3 tar-sands pipeline. I covered the Treaty People Gathering, an assembly of Water Protectors meant to kick off a…

My new story, Notes From the Apocalypse: a journey through an American sacrifice zone, is now out from FeverDream Magazine.

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